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Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your conditioning programming (as opposed to strength/power programming) has to be super fancy. Especially if you are focusing on energy systems rather than muscular endurance, you don’t need to have a workout containing 12 different complicated movements. In fact, having too many complex movements in a workout where you will be trying to complete them while extremely fatigued can be a recipe for an injury. Keep it simple. Focus on a small number of movements in a workout, and try to choose options where either a) form breakdown is not extreme (ie box jumps), or b) form breakdown will not result in a huge potential for injury (ie burpees). #allgo


Had a bit of a challenge programming conditioning today for myself. My legs were dead from a thruster conditioning session yesterday and heavy power cleans and front squats the day before. I don’t like upper-body focused conditioning sessions because they are just plain easier than ones which use the lower body, especially when it comes to aerobic demand. Worked out this little number.

7 rounds for time (no breaks) of:
row 500 meters,
6 barbell push press at 135

Once all rounds have been completed, immediately do 30 box jump burpees with no rest.

This conditioning session was a little longer and a little easier than the ones which I ususally do, but it was a good way to give my legs a bit of a break while still getting in a decent workout. For the record, next time I think I might try 165 on the PP. Felt like I could have pushed a bit harder there. Enjoy! #allgo

Today’s conditioning workout has a grappling focus. Starts off with some strength work, and then finishes with aerobic work.

6 rounds of the Klokov complex, rest as needed between sets.

Klokov complex:

1 deadlift
1 squat clean
1 front squat
1 push press
1 split jerk

Beginner modification:

1 deadlift
1 power clean
1 front squat
1 push press
1 power jerk (or a second push press)

After all 6 rounds have been completed, rest for 3 minutes, and then do 50 box jump burpees. Box 24 inches.

Rest as needed, and then finish off with 4 sets of 10 of some kind of light rowing variation.

Just headed out to do this one myself. #allgo


As many of you know, it can be difficult to keep up with your regular workouts over the holidays. Gyms are closed, there are additional social events, traveling, etc. Before you get into the thick of things with Christmas and New Years, set out a specific plan for yourself about which days you are going to get your workouts in. In addition, program some workouts for yourself that require minimum equipment and can be done in a variety of locations. Find a hill around your house, throw some weight plates in a backpack, and do some sprints. See how fast you can complete a couple hundred burpees. We all need some R and R here and there, but don’t use the holidays as an excuse to slack completely! #allgo