A Quick Note On Overhead Squat Mobility

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

I got some feedback on my most recent post from another trainer friend of mine. He suggested that I might have left out a couple of mobility issues which might cause heavy torso inclination during overhead squats (or front squats, or back squats for that matter).

The first thing he noted is that tightness in the hip flexors (especially the iliopsoas) can pull the torso forward. If you do a lot of sitting during the day, this means you. Fix this problem by doing a Bulgarian split squat-style stretch with your knee on the floor (or a mat) and your glute on the same side engaged.

The second thing he noted is that poor hip internal rotation can cause forward torso inclination. This problem can result in you having to sit back in your squat rather than straight down, thus requiring you to lean forward to prevent yourself from falling over. If you are like me, and internal rotation of the femur is somewhat uncomfortable, try simply doing some bodyweight squats in a wider than average stance without letting your toes point out too far. #allgo


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